Breath Technology on Your Mobile Phone

I remember sometime ago watching about scientists that were developing ways for people who cannot move their bodies to use a stick type of control which allows them to use the computer.  It’s a good thing we have  people who never cease to learn new ways and develop technologies way beyond our imagination.  One company that is taking Human Media Interaction to a new level  is Zyxio.

For Zyxio Touchless is better.  Sensawaft™ is a breakthrough, high sensitivity, low power 7 x 7 x 2.5 mm MEMS input device with embedded algorithms for touchless Human Media Interaction.  Their  MEMS detects the airflow intentionally exhaled by a Human Being, in the open space, over a breath-sensitive, ultra-low pressure proprietary sensor with embedded firmware that converts breathing kinetic energy into standard data input signals (scroll, pan, zoom, select, etc.). sensawaft™ defines a new industry standard, while being readily compatible with standard HID drivers and libraries.   Key applications range from hands free control to additional, “third hand” input, and includes single-handed productive navigation of touchscreen phones and other devices.

A representative from Zyxio demonstrates Sensawaft, a way to control online interactions by blowing into a device. Your breath basically controls the mouse. There was a demo at the Showstoppers event at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2010.

Here is a video where Zyxio  asked random visitors on the Strip to be kind enough to spend 1 minute of their precious Vegas time experiencing their mind blowing technology…well, they seemed to like it!