Touchless Gesture Controls Soon To Be Standard In Our Homes

I recently did some in-depth research about the Leap Motion device in order to see where this technology is headed. Mid-air gesture controls have long been a wonderment on the silver screen, but nowadays they’re making progress in our real lives too. Touchless gesture controls are said to be unoptimized and a dead end since fatigue quickly sets in. But isn’t that something that has to be solved? Didn’t we also say that when the mouse was introduced?

The ability to swipe, turn, resize, click and modify what’s on the screen just using touchless gesture controls could have incredible effects on society, if it is done right. Leap Motion was one of the first devices that really made this possible without having to incorporate a bulk of gadgets and devices into our surrounding area. But there are more touchless gesture control devices on the market, and they are getting smaller by the day.

With the help of a chipset, PMDTec and Infineon have been able to create what could be the smallest touchless gesture control device on the market called CamBoard pico. I even think it beats the Leap Motion in size to be honest. It’s a revolutionary product that could potentially be implemented into a consumer screen and enable gesture controls out of the box.

In combination with the keyboard and mouse, the device could add another layer to the interaction we have with the computer every day. It has become apparent that switching out the mouse for a touchless gesture control device is an unoptimized choice, but what if we combined all of these devices? Would we have an even more optimized computer interaction solution?

When this device will be implemented into consumer displays is of course up to the manufacturers of the displays. There’s no doubt it is a new area of technology, which I personally think should be utilized in order to further test whether or not people like to operate their computer with this type of device. It’s through people’s reaction to the device that it can be further implemented into our everyday lives.

PMDTec & Infineon’s Touchless Gesture Control Device

Touchless Gesture Control Device

Touchless Gesture Control Device

Touchless Gesture Control Device