Next Gen Cutting Board Has An Embedded Scale

A popular trend when it comes to technology is to incorporate as many features as possible into one gadget which previously took several different gadgets. It is a trend that has been growing pretty much since we started buying gadgets altogether. It’s a form of optimization, and one that has brought us stuff like the smartphone, the personal computer and a lot of other things. If we were to look at a smartphone for example – what previously took hardware to accomplish can now be coded into the smartphone in the form of applications. It’s no doubt a nifty idea. But when it comes to our more simple “gadgets” such as the cutting board for example, this trend hasn’t been too prominent yet. Maybe that is about to change with the new cutting board which has an embedded scale.

The idea was hatched by designer Jim Termeer, and it is one of those clever little things that should have been available years ago. But as with everything, it’s not until someone actually gets around to making it that it makes perfect sense. This next gen cutting board is embedded with a layered technology also referred to as strain gauge sensor grid technology. Even though this technology doesn’t entirely exist yet (including the electronic ink for the embedded display), it is not further away than approximately 5 years.

Whether it will be Jim who is the pioneering soul of this technology, or someone who will beat him to it is of course impossible to say. After all, there are numerous companies working on all of the technologies necessary to create an embedded scale in a cutting board. However, Jim’s embedded scale design is still one of the coolest inventions I have seen when it comes to kitchenware. I truly hope we’ll see this cutting board with its embedded scale soon. It could possibly revolutionize how ingredients are prepared. Not only that, but as the description says, “Central to this is the idea that precise measurement leads to more possibilities for new flavors. Recipes will become more demanding, requiring simple ways to be precise in the kitchen.” I will keep a close eye on the development of this embedded scale. I hope if Jim reads this, maybe he could keep me updated about his progress so I can report it back to you all.

Jim Termeer’s Cutting Board With Embedded Scale




Via: [designboom]