Bring Your Website To Life With Photography

As you design and develop your website, you may just believe images are a simple “nice touch”, but in reality, using photography and images across your website can do a whole lot more for your marketing and engagement. Clickasnap has provided some reasons as to why photography is a great way to bring your website to life, and how this can benefit you.

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Increase Your Site Views

It is a well-known marketing fact that sites with images have greater views. This can be simply due to ranking. Choosing to include imagery across your site boosts its chances of being viewed and ranking highly on search results. With any website SEO is important in boosting your views and clicks, getting this right with some imagery, and tagging this with search-friendly captions, will see an increase in views and clicks! This doesn’t necessarily have to be artistic shots, you can simply attach images to blog posts, for example, to enhance your site SEO.

Portray The Quality Of Your Products And Services

To boost your sales and really sell your products online, customers want to see what it is they will be buying before it turns up on their doorstep. A great product image or images to sell your service will work to capture the attention of your desired audience before they have even read the description.

Humans process images a lot faster than they do text, so choosing not to include imagery on your site, will lose the interest of those users who may be wishing to make a purchase or an inquiry. The images could be the difference between a click and an exit.

Make Your Site Interesting

If anything images and photos are more interesting to look at than blocks of text. Images help to break up large chunky paragraphs and pages on your site. Choosing to include images across your site, could see more of your users returning and taking a more invested interest into your site. Particularly if they found the imagery and text together was useful to them or evoked emotion.

Where To Find The Best Photos For Your Site

So, now you know why you should be uploading images to your site, where can you find them? If you are unable to capture your own original content, consider looking at photo-sharing sites. Here you will find artists and photographers uploading content daily, for consumers to download and use.

For whatever industry, products, and services you are sure to find suitable photos from pro photographers and digital artists to upload across your website. This will not only save you time but also money. Just be sure to understand the rules behind copyright and photo downloads.

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