Broken Kitchen Appliances? – Here’s What You Need To Do

Nothing slows down a day quite like a broken kitchen appliance. Not only does it prevent you from cooking, but in some cases – like with a malfunctioning refrigerator – it can put you in a race against time. Knowing how to deal with broken appliances can help you get on with your day without draining your bank account.

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How To Deal With A Broken Kitchen Appliance

The kitchen is the technical epicenter of the home. With the average American kitchen having an oven, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, and coffeemaker, there’s always the potential that something could break. If you wake up one morning to find a broken appliance in your kitchen, here’s some advice on how to proceed.

1. Troubleshoot Common Problems

There’s nothing more embarrassing or time-consuming than calling out a professional to look at your appliance, only to find out that something basic – such as a tripped breaker – was the cause of your malfunctioning appliance. With that being said, the first thing you need to do is troubleshoot basic issues to make sure you’re not missing something obvious.

If the power is disconnected, you always want to check the breaker and the power source. Next, you should look for a power button that may have been inadvertently tripped.

As unprofessional as it sounds, you may even want to give your appliance a little shake to see if it does anything. Dust, bugs, and lint can actually interfere with sensors on some units, which can create issues.

Run a quick Google search with your model and the symptoms you’re experiencing. Sometimes a simple blog post or YouTube video can give you the information you need to make a quick fix.

2. Find A Qualified Repair Technician

If you can’t determine the source of your problem, or if it’s too complex for you to fix on your own, you’ll want to quickly call a repair technician and schedule an appointment.

You’ll have lots of options for repair services in your area, but avoid calling the cheapest one. Instead, look for technicians who have lots of experience and a solid reputation in your area. Ask friends or neighbors for recommendations if you’re unsure of which company to select.

When on the phone with dispatch, relay as much pertinent information as possible. This will help the technician arrive with the right supplies and products, which should make for a quicker remedy.

3. Prep The Area For Your Technician

“One of the most significant time wasting issues for a repair technician is failing to provide access to the appliance,” Universal Appliance Repair explains. “When you’re expecting a repair technician, clean up around your appliance. This will make the job easier and faster for the technician. Many home appliances can end up attracting clutter, so clear your clutter and ensure that the area is also free of pets or small children to prevent a safety hazard and provide space for the technician to work.”

 Once you have an appointment scheduled, take a few minutes to prep the area so that the job is as easy as possible for your technician.

4. Weigh The Value In Repairing vs. Replacing

When the technician discovers the problem, he should be able to provide you with some information on the exact cost of the repair and the various pros and cons of going through with it. If the repair is going to be costly, take your time before deciding.

For older appliances with expensive repair estimates, you’ll want to think about whether it makes more sense to repair the existing model or replace it with a newer one. With the generous warranties that come on some newer appliances, it may be better to replace. While it’s ultimately your call, a good technician will walk you through all possible scenarios and provide expert advice.

Don’t Let a Broken Appliance Get You Down

A broken kitchen appliance is just that – a broken kitchen appliance. While it can put a damper on whatever it is you’re trying to do, there’s no reason to let it ruin your day. By responding in a swift, yet strategic manner, you can save money and have your appliance back up and running.

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