Building Worlds Most Powerful Computer – Time Lapse

Did you know that the worlds most powerful computer is a Jaguar? Nah, it’s only named Jaguar and it was build for science purposes only. Specs of the computer can be found on, yup you guessed it, a government website at What’s funny and ironic about the whole clip is that it is in time lapse and some people have experienced lags while trying to load the video.

Again, doesn’t matter how much power your computer have. If the bandwidth isn’t there you have nothing useful to do with it anyways. That is if you’re not a geek that likes to watch numbers getting crunched at an insane rate. I hope they make good use of this one. Somehow I wish Kevin Mitnick or some other hacker could get just a few weeks with it so we know it’s FULL power. I am sure these scientists have no idea what else they can do with all that power more then crunching their biological numbers to insanity. But who knows, I might be wrong. If I am prove it! lol