11-Year Old Cancer Survivor Reinvents The IV Pole

Innovation usually comes from multinational companies around the world but as we have seen before, individuals can change the world as well. It is particularly inspiring when innovation comes from a young person who’s only aspiration is to increase the quality of life for a group of people that really need it. This is exactly what Kylie, a Rhabdomyosarcoma cancer survivor, decided to do after winning her fight with her malicious disease. She decided to reinvent the IV Pole.

In the U.S. there are close to 400,000 children with cancer, most confined to their home or hospital surroundings because of the IV pole they constantly have to have connected to themselves. The IV pole is somewhat of their lifeline, but it is also a device that keeps them from living a normal life. It is a scary and sometimes confusing endeavour to battle this unforgiving disease.

For Kylie, just eleven years old, her experience with cancer never kept her from thinking positive thoughts, and when she was announced champion, having beaten her illness, she decided to reinvent the IV pole that had confined her to her immediate surroundings. Her idea, to put the IV device into a fashionable backpack spawned a worldwide sensation, and people are eager to help realize her dream of helping kids increase their quality of life.

This entrepreneurial youngster is currently running a crowd funding campaign that has already attracted more than 1,000 people to pledge. So far, Kylie has been able to raise close to $43,000 out of the $50,000 that is her goal. No doubt is her dream about to come true, but thousands of kids all around the world could soon find themselves unplugged from their IV pole and live a more active life while they battle their illness.

We here at Bit Rebels strongly encourage you to click over to Kylie’s GoFundMe page and pledge. Anything will help, and you will be part of an innovation that will benefit kids from all around the world helping them regain their mobility that in turn will definitely help inspire them to fight their illness. Research has shown that positivity has a huge impact when battling cancer and especially when recovering from it. Help realize this innovation. Help kids regain their life spirit.

11-Year Old Kylie Reinvents The IV Pole

Kylie IV Pole Backpack

Kylie IV Pole Backpack

Kylie IV Pole Backpack