Can’t Afford A Camera? – Here’s How You Build Your Own

One of the widest and most common past-times in the world is photography. It is done by probably more people than every other past-time combined, and with good reason. Photography doesn’t have to be professional and you don’t have to train or work on your skills in order to accomplish it. In today’s technological society you can just pick up a digital camera and start snapping pictures until your flash memory is full. Photography is the perfect memory preserver and can, in an instant, bring us right back to the place and time when the photo was taken… emotionally.

As technology gets more advanced, cameras get cheaper by the hour. For some people, buying a good camera, only to keep up with the current megapixel standard, is sometimes not an option. Cameras are usually expensive right when they are released, only to get cheaper as soon as they are passed by a newer model. There’s a solution for those who don’t want to buy a new camera every 6 months just to keep up. This is also a great little shortcut for those who can’t afford a camera, but want to take up photography as a past-time.

It’s called a “Deppold Pinhole Camera” and it is basically free (not including film). All you really have to do is to download the shapes for the pieces making up the camera, print out the templates on adhesive paper, and cut the pieces out on a piece of cardboard and assemble. That’s pretty much it!

When you are done, you will have your very own little Dippold Pinhole Camera to start taking pictures. It’s quite easy but it works wonders and it makes some seriously cool pictures. If you’re really meticulous and spend a lot of time creating and assembling your camera, the results can be nothing short of professional. So, why not have a go and I assure you… this will certainly make your friends jealous. Cause after all… you’re taking pictures just like them… but for a fraction of the cost. What could be better?

If you want to know what kind of pictures a Dippold Pinhole Camera takes, you can check out a bunch of them right here.

Here’show you do it! (Click for larger version) | Download the template – HERE!