Capturing An Audience’s Attention With Technology

Today’s business environment requires that you pitch ideas to prospecting clients with presentations. This will earn you the trust you need to move on to the next phase of your marketing strategy. When making a presentation, you automatically become the center of attraction. You must not lose the attention of your audience. While a great speech, quotes from reliable sources, and analysis charts can help enhance your presentation, there’s more than can be achieved with tech. With that out of the way, here’s how to capture an audience’s attention with technology.

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1. Know Your Tech

Before you get all excited, it’s not a guarantee that technology will automatically improve your presentation or guarantee success. With technology, anything can happen and so, you should always have a back plan because of unforeseeable tech pitfalls. Most importantly, before using technology in your presentations, ensure that you’ve calibrated your tools to suit your needs. Have some time to learn the tools in question before using them.

Business aside, it could be that you are delivering a performance to your fans, in the same way, that the Muse TD Garden show that recently went viral did. And do you know what, all they did was incorporate technology into their performance and the fans were impressed! This is the reaction you need after any type of presentation: to impress. But then again, and as earlier mentioned, you need to know your tech. Before the presentation, ensure that you’ve fine-tuned your tools to suit your needs while at the same time, considering your audience’s expectations.

2. Utilize Trending Technology

Like fashion, technology trends are fleeting. They don’t last long. Today you have an app that is so in the moment and the next thing you know is that it has been replaced by a better one. But before utilizing tech in your presentations, ensure that you’ve analyzed your audience. Knowing the age bracket of your audience is crucial when it comes to presentations.

You just don’t want to utilize high-end tech on an audience filled with baby boomers. You’ll lose them! But if you’re dealing with hip millennials, then engage them with the trending technology. For instance, smartphone apps, presentation software, and other useful gadgets can be shared among your audience when proving a point or when emphasizing on the app’s usefulness.

3. With Technology, Less Is More

If you’ve ever been in front of a presentation and got assaulted by piles of texts and inaudible chatters, then you know how important it is to limit your content when making a presentation. If you don’t want to hypnotize your audience into short-term sessions of sleep, then you’ll be better advised to keep your texts on a minimum. This is especially the case when utilizing digital signage mediums such as PowerPoint or Google Slides.

As you can see, not only should you utilize tech in your presentations but you need to follow it through with a powerful pitch. Technology should only be used as a tool to drive the point home but not as a scapegoat to a poor experience.

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