Capturing & Bottling Your Favorite Scents For A Nostalgic Sniff Later

We all have our favorite scents that bring back cozy memories. Whether it’s your father’s fishing hat, your grandmother’s knitted blanket which she never finished, or your favorite old book that’s been on the shelf for years, certain scents can take us right back to a special place in time. Sometimes it seems like we overlook the power of smells in our lives, and we even cover up our own smells with perfume each day.

A couple years ago Richard wrote an article about a little gadget that could capture and bottle a smell, and although that was very innovative at the time, that device never really caught on and became popular. Maybe it was just a little too ahead of its own time. Now there is a student named Olivia Clemence who has apparently mastered the art of capturing or creating nostalgic smells, and because of her, the power of sniffing is getting some much deserved attention.

She has created some people’s favorite scents, like the smells from famous UK landmarks, and bottled them. She has gotten so good at creating different favorite scents that she can whip up a formula and create them on the spot. A scent can provide a lot of information about a person or place. We breathe up to 24,000 times each day, and each time we inhale through our nose, we are provided with information about ourselves and our environment.

Capturing or creating a scent and then bottling it is not an easy process. You have to be able to dissect a scent to determine the different components within it. Olivia has developed this skill, and she can now create nostalgia in a bottle – it’s nostalgia in a physical form. Writing about this makes me realize I’ve taken my own sniffer for granted. As silly as it sounds, when you start paying attention to the smells that come into your nose, you’ll discover a whole new world.

Your Favorite Scents Captured Or Created & Bottled For Later





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    Samantha 9 years

    I can pick up on scents sometimes no one else seems to smell. My sniffer is a very important part of me since I rely on it more than taste for instance. Incredibly interesting article. Right on Olivia!