CardStar | handy utility app for iphone, droid & Blackberry

Have you been schlepping around your loyalty cards in your wallet? Switched purses and forgot to bring all your cards? Alas, there is a solution. I am loving the “CardStar” phone app, which allows you to manage all of your membership and rewards numbers in one place. There are over 19 categories with vendors and stores from the USA, Australia, Canada and the UK. You can add your company’s membership information, if it is not available from the preselected list. Once you have entered your membership number, the app will generate a barcode that you present to your checkout/counter person, they scan your iphone  (about 5-7 inches from the scanner) and off you go.

I can’t believe it took this long to generate a single place for all your membership/rewards numbers. Too bad I didn’t think about inventing the app : ). Kudos to surface2 who developed CardStar earlier in 2009. The app will be available for Android and Blackberry phones soon. Now I need to finish adding all my rewards numbers…..