Cat Headphones Are The Latest In Cat Fashion From Sol Republic

There are a lot of crazy products out there. There’s too many to list here, but some are on the edge of insanity. I mean, we all know there are quite a few companies that specialize in cat and dog clothes. There are even boatloads of accessories and gadgets made solely for animals. But it’s when gadgets like the newly “announced” cat headphones come along that you really start to question how far it’s possible to go in order to make animals feel just like us.

If you’re looking to improve your cat’s life then you should definitely check out these cat headphones from Sol Republic. There are only 10 made, so you will have to hurry up if you want to get a pair (or two). They are on sale for just $999.00 (on eBay) and come with a certificate of authenticity. As you can see in the video presentation, the cats love their cat headphones. There is no doubt that they are totally digging their new gadget. It will, as I said, dramatically enhance any cat’s lifestyle. All you need to do is get a pair for your cat, and it will thank you for the remainder of its life.

That whole cat accessory industry seems to be booming right now. Maybe we should all start thinking about switching. I mean, $999.00 for a pair of cat headphones? That’s some serious profit! This hilarious video presentation is of course all a ploy (and so is this product). But don’t you feel like the stuff people create for animals is sometimes (not always) a little bit too over the edge? I don’t know, maybe there actually is a pair of cat headphones available. Do you know of any?

I have watched this video a couple of times now, and it cracks me up. If you happen to know of any cat (or any other animal) products that you think are otherworldly then by all means don’t hesitate to let us know about them, and we’ll definitely see if we can feature them here on Bit Rebels. Now watch the video and have a laugh!

Sol Republic’s Cat Headphones Concept