Cell Phone Rings Incorporate The Ancient “Call You” Gesture

There is constant speculation about where mobile technology is heading next. Apple was once a beacon that many smartphone manufacturers carefully watched in order to secure the trends. But Apple’s recent iPhone announcements have less than impressed people around the world, and an iPhone 6 promises little to no ingenuity according to experts. Instead, we are trying to predict the trends by looking at new solutions. These are solutions that could possibly change the cell phone market fundamentally once again, just like the iPhone once did. There are persistent voices who say that flexible display smartphones are the next path to take, but there is another concept out there that is competing for the attention. Could the cell phone rings be one of those?

Just because a cell phone is housed in a unison gadget doesn’t mean it always has to be that way. The cell phone rings concept completely treads away from that and instead incorporates the legendary “I’ll Call You” gesture. By placing a ring on each finger and having sensors determine the position of your fingers and hands, you can easily answer and hang up just by using gestures. This is an intended fashion accessory (much like the Ringbow gaming ring) which wirelessly connects to your smartphone.

Sure, these cell phone rings don’t come with an insanely great touchscreen, but it is way more mobile than any other smartphone to date. Inspired by sign language, this could possibly be a way to further minimize the radiation from our smartphones to our heads. It’s conceptualized by the BCK design team, consisting of Javier Bertani, Ezequiel Castro and Vera Kade. I keep wondering if the concept in itself would be appealing enough for businessmen and adults, or if this device would possibly be more of a youth fashion trend accessory gadget. Would I answer my cell phone with a gesture just like the one on the picture? I can’t say I wouldn’t, but it seems unlikely that I would find it more useful than the way I answer my cell phone right now. It’s no doubt a groundbreaking gadget, but would it even be an alternative to the already optimized way we answer our cell phones? Possibly so.

Cell Phone Rings Concept





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    Idea fantastica.