CES 2013 vs. CES 2012: How Far We’ve Come In One Year [Infographic]

It’s always sad to see CES come to a close, and this year is no different. The overwhelming culmination of all that innovation is like an adrenaline rush to most tech bloggers, and we can’t get enough. But unfortunately, it’s about to be over, and we’ll have fun seeing how all those gadgets are received as they are slowly released throughout the year…all leading up to the next CES. Some sites are already weighing in on their assessment of CES 2013, and Wired reported this morning that CES 2013 was less than dazzling, calling it the year of the “little guy.”

The OLED technology and the TVs seemed to be big hits, but there was no notable technology that stole the show so to speak. I’m not sure if that is because there wasn’t as much innovation as people were expecting, or because our standards are getting higher, and technology users are getting harder and harder to impress.

Either way, it’s fun to compare how far we’ve come in a year from a technology perspective, and what better way to do that than to compare CES 2012 to CES 2013? In this infographic called CES 2013 Trends: What Will They Think Of Next by Best Choice Reviews, you’ll get a glimpse at some of this year’s gadgets as compared to last year’s gadgets.

I gotta admit, that Toshiba television is schweeeet! That new Cloud TV platform that allows you to do all those different things on an 84 inch display looks unbelievable to me. Just imagine watching The Walking Dead on that sucker! Sony’s waterproof smartphone looks mouth-watering too. I could tweet from the tub without being nervous about dropping it in the water. Too bad I’m not an Android user anymore. My favorite gadgets that emerged from CES 2013 are the 3D printers, and you can read about those on CNET. As we say goodbye to CES 2013, we can look ahead to the next year. As fast as technology is progressing, I can only imagine what will be presented then!

CES 2013 Compared With Award Winners From CES 2012

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Via: [Geeks Are Sexy]