Check The Weather Forecast While Enjoying 72,000 LEDs!

One of my favorite things about living in Atlanta is that at night you can see all the bright lights of the city illuminating the sky like a Christmas tree. Many times the lights are designed in a way to create a pattern or flashing picture to entertain (or distract) all of us driving down the highway.

This nighttime light installation below, which is on the side of the Dexia Towers in Brussels, is the best one I’ve seen yet. 72,000 LEDs light up the 6,000 windows to show people what the weather will be the next day. Wow, suddenly checking the forecast on the Internet seems so boring!

There is apparently a code of colors that is displayed, which is what allows people driving by to figure out the weather forecast. It measures temperature, cloudiness, precipitation and wind using colored geometric patterns. It looks like a gigantic Lite Brite, doesn’t it?

[via inhabitat, designboom]