ChipIn Widget – The Classy Way to Raise Money Online

Simply put, ChipIn is an easy, classy way to raise money online. I work very closely with the homeless community in Atlanta and I’m very excited that I learned about this tool. Whether you are raising money for a non-profit, a special trip, a college fund, a wedding, a party or any grass roots cause, it doesn’t matter; you can use this free tool to streamline the whole process.

I like this because it allows you to ask for money without asking for money if that makes any sense. In other words, you customize, then embed this widget into any website (ChipIn will even help you create a site if you need one) and you’ll be able to let everyone know that you are raising money without having to go into an awkward explanation.

According to, “The widget itself is attractive, and offers four tabs: a “progress” tab that tracks progress against the goal, a “share” tab that allows readers to grab the embed code, a “description” tab, and an “about ChipIn” tab. By using tabs, ChipIn is able to fit a lot of functionality and content into a small amount of real estate. More importantly, they have the critical viral and branding components well covered.”

If you look at the image below, you’ll see the little status bar and ChipIn information on the left. How cute is that? As you see, it even tracks the amount collected and compares it to the goal. I love it! To design your own free ChipIn widget, just visit