Cold Fingers + iPhone = Sausage Stylus!!! LOL!

If you couldn’t tell by the title of this post, this is hilariously awesome. (Hopefully you caught the Tom Green sausage reference in the image as well)

Where is this happening? Asia, Obviously. More precisely, this craze has started in South Korea.

As you have probably heard, Apple iPhone users have had hard times using the device in the cold, because the cold makes your fingers hurt! The first workaround to this issue is to wear gloves, but that doesn’t work well, or at all because of how the iPhones touch screen interface handles touch.

They even have gloves made specifically for the iPhone!!

Companies probably poured thousands of man hours, ideas, and not to mention hundreds of thousands of dollars at those gloves. Most of those gloves were miserable failures!

However, the Koreans got it right.

They knew that all we needed was….

A FREAKING Sausage Stylus!!! iPhone Sausage Stylus FTW!

All I can say…

Brilliant. well, I guess I can say this is Hilarious too.

Maybe I could say “ROFLCOPTER” too. Anyway…

This method obviously has its downsides – Such as:

  1. Most Sausages are pretty girthy (that’s right, I said Girthy) and may cause you to ‘fat finger’ a lot of typos
  2. Most Americans are pretty hungry, and will probably Eat their stylus as an afternoon snack, then they are stylus-less!
  3. You could be attacked by a bear with the insatiable hunger for oscar mayer sausages (I totally had to sing the song to remember how to spell ‘Oscar Mayer’)

Besides those obvious drawbacks – This could be a hit in America as well. In-fact I am sure some people are already doing it!!

Upsides Definitely Outweigh The Downsides…

Not only can you keep your fingers toasty in your non-iPhone compatible gloves, but hell, they double as DRUMSTICKS!!

You tell me that is not awesome. I freaking Dare you.

So here at Bit Rebels, We salute you South Koreans, for making our fingers warmer, and our stomachs fuller.

In other news, Sausage sales are up 39%!!

Hope you got a laugh or two out of this post – and a new technique to manage your apps in the cold ;)

Until next time!

[Source iNews25, via Kottke]