Commercial Website Or Landing Page – How To Choose Among Them?

Nowadays, the Internet is developing at a fascinating pace: users are looking for online communication, buying products, ordering services, relaxing, etc. Not only the vast majority of companies have their own sites, but also individuals who sell products or services. Having a website is not a special feature or bonus; it is a must-have.

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If you are an entrepreneur, but still wondering, “does my business need a website?”, here are some reasons that prove the website’s effectiveness as a tool for business development:

1) improvement of the corporate brand;

2) the way to tell about your products or services;

3) the virtual office 24\7;

4) the ability to improve the internal processes in the company;

5) the opportunity to increase trust.

If you just decided to cross the line of online marketing, then it is better to start studying the sites of your competitors. To do that, you can use the online service for analyzing websites at For those who are not ready for huge expenses, it makes sense to look at the landing pages.

What Is Landing And Why Use It?

The main point of the landing is selling a commercial offer, focused on a specific audience. Landing can be understood as the main page of your website, a blog post, a product page, a lead-generating page, etc.

However, in online marketing, landing means a page specially designed for a marketing campaign to generate and convert traffic. The downside of it is that it takes a lot of time to study the audience, its tastes, and needs. Landings are needed if you want your visitors:

  • to make a purchase;
  • to fill out and submit the form, turning them into leads;
  • to call you;
  • to contact you via chat;
  • to subscribe to the newsletter;
  • to register for the event.

All these conversion activities fulfill the same main goal: they encourage the visitor to become a customer who pays you for a product or service. To build a successful landing page, you need to clearly understand its features:

  • It contains one specific offer: to sell several products; you need to create separate landing pages;
  • Selling text: the content should not be technical, but rather encourage the visitor to purchase a product or service;
  • Template building: the landing should reflect the benefits of the product/service, a clear offer, and a call to action.

In Conclusion

Even if you are doing well, you should not neglect the analysis of indicators. It is essential to set goals and choose the KPI that you will be guided by. This will help evaluate the effectiveness of the site or landing, as well as the quality of work of employees and contractors.

Finally, some tools help quickly achieve results, and there are those that work overtime. If you are doing a campaign — give your preference to the landing page; if you play a long game — invest in creating the website.

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