Control a Video Game With Your iPhone?!

I love Technology and the developers who strive to create exciting ways to make our experience fun and new all the time. Gone are the days when if you are a gamer, means you can only play indoors, thanks to the creator of Parrot ARDrone, one can now play virtual games using your iPhone as your game controller.

AR Drone project aim was to create a quadricopter that mixes video game and real world playing.  The Quadricopter has Wifi and 2 cameras. It has an Intuitive and user friendly piloting feature. It also has an ultra-sound sensors for altitude control. It has a vertical camera to measure speed and enable static flight and the best part is it has an automatic take off and landing mode. Check out the videos and see for yourself how awesome it is.

The Parrot ARDrone was also featured during the CES 2010.