Corning: The Future Is All About Touchscreen Glass Infographics

Through the years, we have seen technology companies come up with their own take on the future. The latest and most memorable one was from Microsoft where they showcased their technology incorporated into our everyday lives. It was quite an astounding view, and some of the gadgets were dreamware that we’ll just have to wait a little longer to play with. We also saw a take on the future by a Swedish design company that took us by storm. If I didn’t know better, I would call this technology revolution the era of the touchscreen. But technology takes time to develop, and our minds always linger ahead of it, dreaming away into some technology landscape completely immersing us in the virtual information feed.

Corning, a developer of touchscreen solutions, put together their own take on the future. After watching it, I simply can’t wait for it. The solutions and gadgets used are not only inspiring and exciting, they are extremely well incorporated as well. The design of the interfaces seems flawless, and the user ability to change, re-arrange and re-modify the look and feel of it is totally the way to go.

Whether they are on the brink of making all of this real, I don’t know. I especially like the intelligent glass that can change the degree of sunlight to act as blinds or drapes. The car dashboard touchscreen is not too bad either. I sure wouldn’t mind having one of those in the car. It would save so much time not having to look at all the small screens just to change the CD or song. I wonder how safe it would be having all of these virtual information screens all around us in a vehicle that is traveling at 45 miles per hour. But you can’t deny it, it’s uber cool, and the future can’t be here soon enough.

Future Touchscreen Glass Infographic Design

Future Touchscreen Glass Infographic Design