Create Your Resume’ Online Easy!

For kids who just got off school  and preparing to enter the work force and for those who just want to maintain an online resume.  Here is a cool tool.  CeeVee! CeeVee was founded in June 2008 in Bucharest, Romania. At the start of a hot hot summer, we set out building an online tool that simplified the building and maintaining a CV/Resume online.   In September 2008, CeeVee opened its door in private beta, with its initial 600 providing valued feedback and helping us understand the needs of the user.  In July 2009, CeeVee opened its door in Public Beta. After many months of acquisition talks, all of which were refused, the CeeVee team picked up the pace to deliver a simple product, that anyone can use.  CeeVee is still building out the super-cool toys that will help connect companies to the job-seeker and visa-versa. Stay tuned.

Creating a resume here is easy.  Just 4 easy steps:

1. Edit inline, quick and intuitive

2. Choose a theme

3. Make it public

4. Share it