Creative Use of LED on a Cyclist’s Backpack

With the rise in gasoline prices and people wanting to save money, more and more are riding their bikes to work. Also, so many people that want to get fit, but don’t want to go hiking or running, resort to bike riding. I know my BFF Diana loves riding her bike for exercise.

However, riding a bicycle at night can be risky, especially when you ride on busy streets. There is the risk that motorists won’t see you, or that you won’t see where you are going. I found a video that will ultimately help in solving that problem.

Usually, bicycle riders wear a pouch or backpack to carry their wallet, mobile phone and water bottle. A bicycles rider’s backpack is a must-have item for outdoor activities. This LED and flexible PCB applied SEIL bag is a backpack designed for safe bike riding.

When a rider uses hand-signals, the rider is riding the bicycle with one hand. It can lead to an accident. This product provides a safer and simpler control for riders. The SEIL bag is designed to show the rider’s left and right turn signals. By simply controlling the detachable wireless controller, the rider is able to to make various signals such as directional signals and an emergency signal. I hope the concept design can be made into a reality. I am sure it will truly be helpful, and it will definitely make a biker’s ride safe and more enjoyable.