CuBox: A Powerful PC Small Enough To Compete With Raspberry Pi

I don’t think anyone missed the launch of Raspberry Pi and how hyped this little PC computer was. Many people thought it would come in a box or some kind of case, but it didn’t. It is a motherboard with everything attached to it. It was almost like how they portrayed the first Mac that Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak created and sold through the local tech store. So far Raspberry Pi has been the only popular pocket PC and has now gotten some competition from the CuBox.

When it comes to PC computers they are only as good as their specs, and I think that is what people first look for when they hear about pocket computers like the Raspberry Pi and the CuBox. If it isn’t fast and powerful enough you are much better off buying a full sized gaming desktop computer. This way, you will always know you have enough power to fuel your gaming sessions or whatever it is you’re doing on your computer.

So let’s take a look at the specs of the CuBox and see if it has any chance of dethroning the Raspberry Pi as the smallest most powerful pocket computer on the market. There are actually 4 tiers of the CuBox pocket computer, and they are the CuBox-i1, CuBox-i2, CuBox-i2Ultra and CuBox-i4Pro, seemingly after the number of core processors you want it to have incorporated. Make sure you understand that with more cores in your CuBox, the price increases significantly. It is still a super cheap pocket computer however, it will cost you to be cool. Have a look at the specs as well and compare it to those of the Raspberry Pi and you’ll see that it is quite capable of competing with it.

CuBox PC Model Tier Specifications

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CuBox PC Model Spec Sheet

The cheapest model is of course the CuBox-i1 with its $44.99 price tag, it is quite a steal when you look at what you are getting in the box. I can say box as to my knowledge this pocket computer actually has a case surrounding it, unlike the Raspberry Pi. If you want the most expensive model, you will have to shell out a still very reasonable $119.99, which of course is a super great price for a fully functioning and powerful pocket PC computer.

Question is of course whether people have gotten in too deep with the Raspberry Pi already in order to adopt another pocket computer like the CuBox into their lives. It never hurts to let these two brands compete with each other, especially when the customers get an insanely powerful PC that easily fits in the palm of their hands for a fraction of the price of a full sized desktop computer.

 CuBox PC Pocket Computer

CuBox PC Pocket Computer

CuBox PC Pocket Computer

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