Custom MINI Skinned With 48,000 LEDs Roams The Streets Of London

When technology becomes so versatile that it can literally be skinned to anything, that’s when we’ll see the true form of incorporation of technology into our society. Maybe that is what we are seeing happening right now with all kinds of technologies being implemented into things we never even thought could be tech infused. That was my thought when I saw the latest clever promotion for a custom MINI car interaction event that was recently announced and promoted by, yes, MINI.

This is not the first time a company has tried to raise awareness of their car by fitting it with LED lights. Even though I don’t remember the exact name of the article itself, I remember writing about a promotional stunt where the car was fitted with LED lights on one side, and it “stealthed” its way through the streets. This custom MINI fitted with 48,000 hi-res LED lights is a little bit different though.

It is meant to let people project a short video on the car through MINI’s Facebook app or Twitter using the hashtag¬†#MINIartbeat. The car will drive through the streets of London at night and endlessly show people’s videos directly on the skin of LEDs. It’s a pretty cool concept, and one that has gained a lot of attention around the world.

The coolest thing is that the MINI itself is fitted with nothing less than 48,000 hi-res LEDs, which is something I am sure will spawn a landslide of innovation for making LEDs smaller and more compact in order to some day in the future seamlessly skin cars. That way, we would be able to choose the color, pattern and a whole lot of other factors in the morning depending on our mood. This is of course eons away, but it could still be the very edge of innovation some day. This custom MINI will be the one of a kind innovation that spawned it all.

Custom MINI Skinned With 48,000 LEDs



Via: [psfk]