Guy Builds Portable Gamepad Based On A Raspberry Pi

When the Raspberry Pi was finally released, everyone was eager to get their hands on one. So many people in fact that the the pre-order line reached a good 6 months. When you see a product instantly become this successful, you know things are going to change. It looked like everyone wanted to do their own customization using it. One guy in particular decided that putting it into a custom made portable gamepad device would be an epic idea, and by the looks of it, he was right.

The guy, who of course is the imfamous Ben Heck, decided that it was time to take the Raspberry Pi to new heights with some tinkering and customization. After a lot of fiddling around with 3D printing, installing of software, and scavenging of parts from other devices, Ben Heck was able to put together his very own portable gamepad device. If that isn’t epic, I don’t know what is.

The fact that the case for the portable gamepad device is entirely 3D printed is somewhat of a testament to how far technology has come in the last few years. Nowadays anyone can put together their own casings and parts, which will definitely take innovation to a whole new level. Ben Heck is probably one of the most well known geeks in the community, and this portable gamepad build definitely won’t change all that, quite the contrary.

If you want to have a look at how this gamepad device works, just skip your way to around 15 minutes into the video and you will be blown away by what a Raspberry Pi and some external parts can do. With all this customization going on, I think we’re going to see a whole lot of cool gadgets, especially now that the Raspberry Pi has proven itself to be such a potent part in anything that can be called a mobile device. We’ll just have to see how this device impacts the community and how Pi-ers will keep the momentum of cool innovations up to date.

Ben Heck’s Raspberry Pi Portable Gamepad Device



Via: [Technabob] [I Heart Chaos]