Future Car Dashboards Will Be Completely Customizable

Technology is spreading its wings further and further into our lives. Customization is becoming one of the most important features any device, software or service can offer. We no longer want to just sit there with pre-manufactured software that doesn’t allow us to use it the way we want. Customization is huge right now, and it shows if you look at some of the popular gadgets and devices recently released. Even your future car will sport customization beyond your wildest dreams.

By now we all know that some cars come with a dashboard that is somewhat customizable, at least to some extent. Options gives the driver a better way to optimize his or her driving, which in turn makes driving more safe and more comfortable. Your future car might have a more customizable aspect to it than you can even comprehend right now. How would you like the option to completely redesign or download your very own digital dashboard design?

It’s a tickling thought that I think many people have dreamed about for a long time. The possibility to make your speedometer, fuel gauge and pretty much everything else on your dashboard look exactly as you want it is a luxury not present in today’s cars. But your future car is definitely going to sport this feature. Many car manufacturers are already planning to include this in cars soon.

CNN recently attended the New York Auto Show to dig deeper into what the plans are, and what we can expect from our future car purchases. The response and innovation is mind-boggling when you start thinking about it. In addition to their reporting, I managed to dig up some customized future car dashboards, designed by Jamie F. Martin, which could become available when these digitally customizable car dashboards finally become available in our cars.

There’s no doubt we are going to see some pretty fantastic and mind-twisting designs that are going to inspire driving even more. The only thing we’ll have to be careful about is keeping our eyes glued on the road in front of us, instead of on the car dashboard.

CNN – Future Car Customizable Dashboards

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Future Car Digital Dashboards