KIA GT Sports Transparent OLED Car Dashboard Display

It is apparent that transparency is going to make a huge impact in the world in a few years. Many have questioned what the benefits of a transparent screen are, and what use it may have, but more developers are looking into this impressive technology. The OLED displays that we have seen in some concept displays are all transparent, but it’s when you put a transparent OLED car dashboard display in a car that you really understand what it’s all about.

Back in 2011, KIA unveiled a concept KIA GT that had a pretty impressive transparent OLED car dashboard incorporated into it. Seen from behind the wheel, the digital gages, and display give a futuristic and clean visual experience. As with all of these concept cars presented during auto shows it’s not so much about showcasing what is coming, but to show people what is possible. It is sort of like telling your competitors that you have the technology and knowledge to show it off.

It is also a way for developers to get a clue about what people like or not. KIA definitely stepped it up with this transparent car dashboard, and I think that if they actually started to put in these futuristic features into cars one at a time, they would be able to compete with even the most exclusive auto brands. As we know, that is not going to happen as there are way too many people who just want to have an ordinary car which is simple to understand and easy to use.

I personally can’t waiver my enthusiasm for car features like the one shown in the video below. The KIA transparent OLED car dashboard is simply too sleek to pass up in my own humble opinion. I am sure that there are even more impressive versions of this now, (a couple of years later), and I will have to do some more research in order to find the very latest of what has been offered when it comes to transparency in car dashboard technology. You have to admit though that you would want one of these instead of that old analog clockwork you’re now gazing upon, right?

KIA’s Concept GT Transparent OLED Car Dashboard

KIA’s 2013 Concept Niro Presentation

KIA Transparent Car Dashboard

KIA Transparent Car Dashboard

KIA Transparent Car Dashboard