Data Recovery Is No Longer Complicated – Thanks To Stellar Phoenix!

Anyone who has used a computer knows the pain of losing data or important files due to accidental deletion. Although data recovery is not entirely impossible, most recovery software solutions are either too complicated to use, take too much time to recover the data, or are unreasonably expensive. However, there is one tool that can help you recover your lost data extremely effectively, without you having to break the bank or wait for long hours to retrieve your files. This gem is the Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Professional software.

Why Stellar Pheonix Data Recovery Is In A Class Of Its Own

[pullquote]What makes the Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery software unique is that it is extremely easy to use.[/pullquote] If you have lost some important data, simply download the Stellar Phoenix software , and install and run the application. The software will allow you to select the drive to scan, as well as the file type to scan for. After the scanning begins, the results will be displayed within a few minutes, depending on the size of the disk.

In the left-hand pane of the window, you will see a tab titled “Deleted List”, which contains the list of all the recently deleted files of the desired type that the software could locate on the selected drive. You can look at the preview of all these deleted files in the right pane and select and retrieve all the files that you need to a desired location on your system. Yes, with Stellar Phoenix, data recovery is indeed this simple!

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[pullquote]Not only does the software allow the user to select the location and type of file to scan for, it is also adaptive and automatically switches from a quick scan to a deep scan in case the results of the quick scan are not satisfactory.[/pullquote] What is more, the software simultaneously scans multiple files systems, such as NTFS, FAT, FAT16, FAT32, and exFAT, in a logical drive to provide more thorough and faster results.

Once the list of the deleted files is generated, the preview option comes in extremely handy to browse through a long list and identify all the relevant files in a faster manner. However, if you know exactly what you are looking for and the list of deleted items is shorter, you can turn off the preview option as well.

In case you are not able to find the deleted volumes, the recovery software also allows raw recovery using file signature matching. This feature of raw recovery turns on automatically with an advanced search and is specifically targeted for HD-MOV files of Canon cameras. Raw Recovery is very useful in case of deleted, corrupted, or formatted images and this feature is a boon for all those who have a large collection of HD-MOV files on their system.

What’s New In The Latest Version – Version 7.0

Listing all the great features packed into this data recovery software without making this article excruciatingly long would simply be impossible. That is why we have picked a few of the most stellar features and listed them below. These features alone make Stellar Pheonix Data Recovery a must-have for anyone who doesn’t want to feel the burn of losing all their important data without any means of recovering it.

  • Brand New User Interface
  • Deep Scan
  • Deleted Recovery
  • Multimedia Files Recovery
  • Optical Medium Recovery
  • Email Recovery
  • Add New File Types
  • Search & Recover Lost Partitions
  • Create Drive Image

The Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Professional is compatible with all the versions of the Windows operating system (from XP to WIN10) and is a software that is useful for anyone who stores data on their computer or external hard drives.

If you wish to avoid losing your precious data, important documents, and the files that you have taken hours to create, then download the Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Professional today, to always be prepared to recover any deleted or corrupted data in a jiffy!

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Data Recovery Is No Longer Complicated – Thanks To Stellar Phoenix!

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