Detailed Video On Why iOS Multitasking Is Killing Your Battery

It’s so simple to fall into the habit of thinking that technology should just work. Sometimes we think that a gadget is released because it is flawless, and it can be used without having to think about anything other than the way we want to use it. Well, that is unfortunately not the reality of things, and there are actually a lot of significant things that can go wrong with your gadgets. There has been a lot of talk lately about how the new iPhone 4S can drain your battery really fast. The issue is said to have been solved in the latest iOS upgrade, and on the surface, it has been. But the blame couldn’t always be put on Apple for delivering a flawed operation system. It’s more complex than that.

Recently there has been a debate going on amongst developers of apps for the iPhone and iPad that has led to a lot of research when it comes to the draining of battery life and memory. It so happens that the multitasking feature in the iOS is actually killing your battery, actively. But, just because the issue resides from the multitasking feature, it doesn’t mean that Apple screwed up when they created it.

It’s actually the developers of each individual application that could possibly cause you the trouble. When some applications are put into the multitasking bin, they actually don’t stop running in full force. This means that if the application is using using your 3G service to send and receive data, it could cause your phone bill to skyrocket without you even using the phone. As if that wasn’t the only issue, your battery could drain really quickly, and you will be standing there trying to figure out what just happened and why your phone’s battery life is so bad.

Have a look at this video created by Frazer Speirs, a developer at Flow and Head of Computing and IT at Cedars School of Excellence, and you will understand why sometimes restarting your phone is so important. Some applications are just poorly coded, while others just need to keep running in order to give you the best service. As you can see, these issues come down to individual applications, and there is really no way of telling what application is causing this memory hogging and bandwidth hijacking if you are not using similar software to what Frazer Speirs is using. The issue is out there now, and people are trying to work on solutions to prevent this from further happening.

iPad Multitasking Memory Issues Video

Via: [iPhone Hacks]