Difference of iPhone 3G and 3GS

The iPhone 3GS was launched just recently and now was made available all over the world. But what is the big deal about this new updated cellphone? Is there really a big difference? Below is Photo Credit: Apple, Inc. (Left – iPhone 3G, Right – iPhone 3GS). if one looks at them closely you would say that there isn’t really any difference. Yes, just some slight modification, but the big difference lies inside them.

  • The battery life as they say is much longer for the iPhone 3GS.
  • the iPhone 3GS is remarkably different. It has a significantly faster processor (600 MHz up from 412 MHz, with a dramatically improved graphics processor as well), twice the RAM (256 MB up from 128 MB) and support for faster 7.2 Mbps HSDPA.
  • It has an improved 3.0 megapixel camera with VGA video recording at 30 FPS as well as autofocus, macro, and white balance support, a “tap to focus” feature, and new basic “video editing” capabilities (you can cut the beginning and end of a clip “in camera”).
  • It also has a digital compass which is helpfully integrated with Google Maps to make it easy to tell which direction one is facing.
  • In addition to the “twice as fast” performance, better camera, improved battery life, and digital compass, The iPhone 3GS also adds VoiceOver for accessibility, voice control functionality, integrated Nike + iPod support, and an inline remote on the headphone cable (like the iPod shuffle 3G).
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