Kitchen Safe: Keep Your Sugary Cravings (Or Other Addictions) In Check

Okay, so here’s the problem… There are a lot of people who can’t keep themselves and their sugar cravings in check. I think I speak for quite a few of us when I say that on occasion, I can’t keep myself from grabbing a few extra cookies or whatever sugary sweets I have in the kitchen. It’s such an annoyance, and there should be a solution for this, right? Well, you’ll be happily surprised there already is! It comes in the shape of a kitchen safe, and it’s developed solely for this purpose.

It’s the San Fransisco company Kitchen Safe that has taken their own cravings and created something that we can all benefit from. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to lose weight, or you just want to keep your gaming in check, this kitchen safe will keep it all under control. It’s quite a simple solution, and one that could have significant impact on your life (and of course those sugary cravings of yours).

The kitchen safe is simply a plastic jar with a lid which incorporates a digital timed lock mechanism. You simply open the jar, put in whatever it is you don’t want yourself or anyone else to have access to, put the lid back on again, set the timer using the dial at the top of the lid and then press the dial. All set! You will now see a countdown on the lid that tells you exactly how long it will take until you can once again gain access to whatever it is you put into the jar.

The solution is elegant and the usefulness is beyond limitless. You have to agree that this kitchen safe could mean a life in perfect harmony with your own restrictions, right? The kitchen safe innovators need funding in order to finalize their product, and they are looking to use Kickstarter to crowdsource $30,000. It’s not at all an impossible task considering the kitchen safe innovators have already been able to attract pledgers who have pledged almost $13,000 with 42 days to go.

I actually think I have to get myself one of these! It could certainly have a significant impact on my daily optimization, not to mention the sugary cravings I get every now and then. It’s one of the best and most useful “lifehack” solutions I have seen in quite a while.

Kitchen Safe – Keeping Your Addictions In Check