Digital Slingshot: Shoot Your SMS’s On The Wall!

Few gadgets can rival a truly innovative and geeky approach to something that is both illegal and a form of amazing guerrilla marketing. Usually we all have to stay within the boundaries of boredom, and cling to the laws of the world. Many have tried and failed to break out of it, just to get a little attention fast. However, good things never come easy or fast. It must certainly have taken some time to dream up and develop this fantastic device.

The “SMS Slingshot” (also called the Digital Slingshot) is an awesome piece of hardware that incorporates the SMS technology into the projector driven location based pointing system. It all comes together in a beautifully elaborate texting system that will keep you busy for hours on end.

Forget the old “pay for marketing” on billboards and whatnot. Buy this piece of awesomeness, and you are all set. To simplify it for the more technology challenged people… this is a slingshot that will blast your SMS onto a wall with a great effect. Just type your message into the slingshot user interface, point where you want it to go, and fire. The projector, which is pointing at the wall, will then blast that SMS onto the wall the size of Manhattan if you will. How’s that for guerrilla marketing? – VR/URBAN Team