Dream Machine – This Is The Computer We All Dream About

You’re sitting at a computer reading this, so there’s a huge chance that it is your own computer you’re sitting at. If you are a gamer, it is probably maximized to handle the many calculations needed to be done in order to swing that sword of yours as smoothly as possible in World of Warcraft. If you’re a designer, your computer is a mixed setup of a huge memory reserve, as well as a nice graphics booster that is sure to get you through the day without your blood vessels popping whenever something feels slow or out of sync. Whatever your computer is packing, you can be sure you always need more of it and that’s almost a given thought a few months after you bought it, even though at the time you believed it was a super great find with an extra slice of bargain on top.

However, have you thought about the look, the features, the keys, the weight, the touch screen (if it even has one), the camera… there is so much we’re not really thinking about when we first purchase our computers. The sales person is almost always hangin’ about around the graphics specs, not ever giving you a chance to throw him off guard when it comes to what USB ports it uses, what the battery life is (if it is a laptop), etc… You’re always smiling whenever you leave the store only to find yourself pulling those gray hairs out of your head a few months afterwords because there are some things that aren’t how you would have wanted them to be if you had the opportunity to design that exact computer…

Well, times and technology have changed and that is something that designer Yang Yongchang has taken advantage of. He sat down, pondered over some specs, presumably for months and months (judging from every cool little feature he managed to incorporate) and came up with something most easily described as the next generation laptop – Nothing less but lots more… just to throw off a common expression to honor the day of awesomeness.

The awesome unfolding, the touch screen, the crisp keys… I could go on forever, but instead of bullying your brain with senseless words, instead have a look at the rad dream machine yourself. If you are not drooling after looking at the specs and the beauty of this machine (or should I say piece of art), I think it’s best for you to go have yourself checked out by a doctor cause chances are there is something wrong with the way your mouth waters… You get the picture I am sure.

I know what you are all thinking…then again…it isn’t a Mac, right? ;)