Digital Tattoo (RFID Implant) That Can Only Be Seen With A Smartphone

There is a growing group of people who combine a hacking mentality to biology. They are able to hack their bodies into doing things that have never been done before, and turn themselves into mini-cyborgs in the process. I wrote about one of these body mods in an article called Magnet Ear Implant. Since that guy, Rich Lee, is slowly going blind, he created a body hack to help him ‘see.’ Today I’d like to share a digital tattoo with you which is another wicked body hack.

Artist Anthony Antoneellis decided that he’d rather curate content in his body than on a website. This includes his own digital art in all different formats. In order to do this, he created his own ‘digital tattoo’ so to speak. He implanted a RFID chip into his hand. The chip itself is only the size of a grain of sand. According to psfk:

The signal emanating from this model is usually encrypted, but Antonellis’s implant stores publicly accessible data. For the moment, the data is readable like a key fob by compatible phones, tablets, card readers and Arduino microcontrollers, and can display up to 10 frames and 6 colors.

He’s not finished with this digital tattoo project either. He is working on an Android app (and he may even create an iPhone app) that can work with the RFID chip so he can take this to a whole new level. In the video below, you can see the process of implanting the chip into his hand.

The chip itself, which stores 1KB of data, is secured inside a glass capsule so it won’t be harmed from being inside a body (or vice versa). You can click over to Animal to read more details about how and why he did this. Imagine what it would be like to have a digital tattoo like this with constantly changing data, which you could view from your smartphone or tablet. Kinda neat, right?

The Digital Tattoo That Can Only Be Seen With A Device



Via: [psfk]