Digital Tools And Software All Businesses Need To Have

In a post-COVID business landscape, there are several new avenues and areas to consider when it comes to improving your business. Everything from functionality to your brand’s tone of voice can get a boost with a little work and a lot of new digital software to accentuate it.

And while there was once a point where businesses could choose to use digital tools or simply stick to what they’ve always done, that time has passed, and if you’re not implementing these advancements, you’re unfortunately destined to fail.

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Admin, Planning, And Storage

With so many channels, files, and places to store critical data, processes, and other vital information, modern businesses need to find a simplified and effective way to harness all of these things into one easy-to-access place.

By compiling all of these things into an asset library, you’ll be able to condense unnecessary administrative tasks and reduce the wasted time between different platforms. These digital libraries can stock anything from brand guidelines, and marketing game plans to images, videos, and templates for minimum fuss and maximum productivity.

A digital asset library also gives you greater security and peace of mind, as you’ll always know where all of your documents and data are kept. You can even monitor who has opened the files and documents to help keep better track of employees with access to this key information.

Website Maintenance Essentials

A good website needs to serve several purposes all at the same time. Content management systems like WordPress are accommodating to pretty much any kind of content and make content creation easier to manage. WordPress is also a completely free tool you can use.

For SEO purposes, Google has a keyword planner to stay on track in terms of rankings and make sure your content has the right word usage. Ahrefs is also an innovative digital marketing tool that gives you a more detailed look at keywords, competitor website rankings, and more.

Google Analytics and Google Search Console are free tools that help you evaluate the performance of your content and marketing campaigns, as well as crawl your website to ensure it’s indexed well and as easy to explore as possible.

Communications And Conferences

Perhaps the most effective and fastest moving part of the digital marketing evolution. Communications and conference tools have seen a huge surge in popularity after the global COVID pandemic. It makes sense, with so many businesses having to adapt to the world around them and embrace innovative ways to share data and discuss tasks across different locations.

Slack is one of the more popular tools for communications that include content and data sharing. Integrating with other popular project management systems helps to give a business a more immersive view of their campaigns as a whole.

It’s also extremely mobile-friendly, allowing you to meet and chat and interact with others on the go. This adaptability has created an exciting new world where calls and decisions can be made at any time, anywhere.

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