Self-Correcting Glasses Let Kids Adjust Their Own Glasses Prescription

Going to the eye doctor can be expensive, especially when you add to that the cost of prescription eyeglasses. For many children, visiting an eye doctor and getting the proper glasses isn’t an option. Being unable to see properly can affect everything from a child’s confidence to his or her ability to see at school. These self-correcting glasses can help. They instantly improve a child’s eyesight when going to an eye doctor isn’t an option.

These self-correcting glasses were created by Dow Corning and The Center For Vision In The Developing World (CVDW). The way they work is brilliant. The child puts them on, and then covers one eye with one hand. With the other hand, the child simply turns the knob on the side of the glasses until their vision is optimal. Then the child covers the other eye with one hand, and adjusts the knob on the other side of the glasses for optimal vision in the second eye. That’s it! They are self-correcting glasses that change instantly.

There is a small container of silicone liquid on each side of the glasses. That container is connected to the lenses which are full of fluid. After the child figures out where each setting should be so he or she can see perfectly, the setting is locked in and the containers of silicone liquid are taken off and disposed. That way, the child won’t have to readjust the glasses over and over to keep them just right.

Again, these self-correcting glasses are intended for children who cannot afford to visit an eye doctor. However, I think these would be great for just about anyone who needs a quick adjustment. It seems like these would be a lot more effective than what some older people do which is go to the drug store to buy prescription glasses for reading. Wouldn’t it be better to wear a pair of these and adjust them until they’re exactly right? What a brilliant idea.

Self-Correcting Glasses

These are for kids who can’t get to an eye doctor.
Now they can adjust their own eyeglass prescription.




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