DIY Instructions For Your Own Working LED Kite

It’s funny to me that so many multinational companies spend millions of dollars for advertising on stadium billboards and in exclusive newspapers when there are just as many advertising opportunities that cost way less and probably get way more attention. Creativity is the mother of all things cool they say, and I believe it. What costs big brands millions of dollars can be achieved with just a few balloons, some LED lights and some small batteries. That’s pretty much what you’ll need if you work at NASA, and you come up with a good idea. At least that was the case when it comes to Mark Rober. His idea can fundamentally change your advertising strategy if you embrace his LED kite concept.

It’s rather simple, and his swift DIY tutorial for how to create your own LED kite is no harder to follow than the video he put together itself. What you will need are – balloons, LED lights, batteries, bamboo or carbon fiber pipes, and some thread. Then you’ll be ready to get started. Whatever motif you are looking to haul up into the sky, you need to print it out on a piece of paper and then make a grid over it in order to know what color balloon goes where and so forth. When you have all that figured out, it’s just to get started assembling your LED kite.

At nighttime, your LED kite will be seen from miles away (depending on how big it is and how far up you send it). There are a lot of pranks you can pull with this kite, so beware not to make too much trouble. People around you will most likely want to know what the heck is going on, so make sure you have a legit plan for how to explain yourself. Even though it’s not against the law to fly a kite (or an LED kite), it can worry a lot of people. The result of that is most likely the cops will come to question you. Despite all that, you have to admit that it’s a brilliant way to get any message out to thousands of people without having to spend millions of dollars. Creativity certainly is awesome!

Mark Rober’s DIY LED Kite Tutorial



Via: [hack n mod]