Do You Want The Ultimate Bathing Pleasure?

Taking a bath in a bathtub filled with warm water is something that your body will thank you for, especially after a hard days work. Soaking your body in warm water along with lit aromatic candles can really relax you. However, what if you crave more than just a simple bathtub and instead want the ultimate bathing pleasure? What if you want to treat your senses to more? RMS Inc., known for its spa equipment, has designed an extraordinary bathtub with an all new Caribbean Paradise limited edition model.

According to this Born Rich article – The boat shaped tub adorns a high-gloss acrylic, similar to that sold at Cut My Plastic – acrylic sheet UK, and a chrome finish body with six access doors. It includes 25 hydro-air jets, 12 jumbo jets, 12 medium jets, eight small rotational star jets and four ozone jets for a unique massage experience. The tub features 9 therapy modes with more than 50 different therapy combinations for ultimate relaxation.

The entertainment features include integral splash protected TV system with a splash protected remote control mounted on an elegant TV arch “The Swan” and marine grade DVD/CD player with four 100W speakers each, wireless remote control and endless functions.

So, if you want to have the ultimate bathing pleasure, get one today. It will most likely keep you in the bathtub longer than you need to be, I know I will be in there for a while. No need to go to the spa, you can have everything in your home.

Main Image Source – Bath Time

ultimate bathing pleasure jacuzzi image

ultimate bathing pleasure jacuzzi image