Dog Torture Chamber or Innovative Invention? You Decide

If you are easily offended, you probably shouldn’t read this because people all over the web are freaking out about this invention claiming it is cruelty to animals. Romain Jarry, the French inventor, insists that it is not cruel to animals and the dogs and cats don’t mind it at all.

Personally, I would never ever put my doggies in this torture chamber, but that’s just me. I’m curious to know what you think about it. According to what I’ve read, it’s really just the “dog-worshiping United States” that has a problem with it.

Bottom line, someone has invented a car-wash-style dog washing machine called the Dog-o-Matic. Have you ever come home from walking your dog and he is filthy dirty? No worries, now you can just pop him in this little contraption and in a few minutes, voila… you’ll have a clean and dry pup once again. Check out the video below for the full effect.