Droplet Traffic Light: Social Networking In Your Traffic Lights!

As social networking develops, we will find more and more ways to interact with each other. In today’s climate, a business that doesn’t embrace the many tools and rewards that social networking makes available is losing out big time. This fast and interactive way to promote and support your product or service in unprecedented and will only become more and more intuitive in my opinion. However, where could we take social networking and social media in the future? There have been many ideas, and some of them are under development as we speak. Something that has almost reached reality is the new and quite exciting Droplet Traffic Light.

Researched and developed by the ingenious people at Psychic Factory, this new public implementation is not far from being realized. The concept is simple and the rewards many. Basically, it makes available all the different social media sources directly in the spot you’re at. With small and informative bursts of broadcasts, the traffic light will keep you updated during the “idle” time when you are waiting for the light to turn green.

It’s yet another brilliant way to save time and keep updated smoothly and instantly. I sometimes wonder if we will have any time left soon to just chill. With the pace of the world continuously increasing, the likeliness of that happening in the future is slim to none I guess. The implementation for this could be huge, and I admit that wasting time watching these bursts of broadcasts is way better than just aimlessly waiting for a light to turn green.