Eco Power Strips: Chemically Charge Your Phone In The Future?

Almost every day we hear about how much we need to start finding new sources of energy before our planet goes into a complete stage of shock and beyond any rescue mission attempt we might come up with. In a TED Talk by Bill Gates, he mentions that we have about until 2050 to find an alternate energy source, and we are on the brink of finding one. The one he most wanted to work out was depleted uranium. The idea was to insert it into a sort of furnace and then burn it, which would release enormous amounts of energy. One “block” would be enough to power a whole lot of cities for 60 years or something like that. He also mentioned that 2050 is the date that we need to have come up with something, but if needed, we could extend that date another 30 years. However, that would be the absolute latest we could do something about it. After that, we might as well move to the moon.

Since we are constantly trying to find new power sources, it’s refreshing to see that people are over and over again trying to come up with new and various ways to charge our mobile gadgets. So far, we are pretty much always using the energy that we draw directly from the house outlets. But, there is a pretty nifty little concept that is being developed by Jun Hyuck Choi, Jooyeon Kim and Sungi Kim that I would certainly want to know more about.

It is called Eco Power Strips and is pretty much just an electrolysis concept where two liquids react to create energy which charges your phone. It’s pretty much the same reaction they use to power your batteries with the very first time they are charged. If we will ever see this interesting little concept in real life remains to be seen. However, it’s certainly a nice and creative attempt to cut down on energy consumption. It’s always good to think large.