Elevated Bus Concept Travels Above Traffic Jams

Soon commuters won’t have to sit and wait in traffic jams just like people with cars do on a daily basis. At least if a new elevated bus concept called TEB (Transit Elevated Bus) grows roots in people’s minds. The concept is an interesting one that will allow elevated buses to continue forward above traffic jams and get to their destinations on time.

The idea, undoubtedly developed by futurists who knows how to make all our dreams come true, was presented at the High-Tech Expo in Beijing and received a positive reaction from the visitors.

The presentation was in itself something out of a science fiction movie allowing visitors to see the elevated bus in action as a fully functioning miniature model set. The buses can take up to 1,200 passengers and can freely move through congested traffic jams without disturbing the traffic around and underneath it. If approved and implemented, it would mean that thousands, if not millions of people will get on time to work and thus earn more money.

No doubt does the concept present a set of other challenges, such as driver awareness among drivers and a set of new traffic rules and regulations that will have to be in place before a behemoth such as the elevated bus concept can roam the streets and take people to their workstations on time. Sure, the concept might seem a little bit too futuristic at first glance, but think of the electric car and the autonomous mode that most cars will soon be equipped with. That was something that we couldn’t even imagine would exist just a few years ago, right?

Implementing this kind of public transportation would no doubt benefit commuters in a way that we haven’t really seen before. All the pieces for success are there; however, the approval from the Chinese government and, of course, the people, are probably the only things standing in the way of this being realized. There is no saying when and if this elevated bus concept is ever going to be a part of our everyday life. My guess is that it will be implemented, however, in a slightly different form to begin with. Radical ideas such as this one usually take a few iterations before they are considered a viable solution.

Elevated Bus Concept – China’s Traffic Jam Solution

Elevated Bus Transit Concept

Elevated Bus Transit Concept

Elevated Bus Transit Concept