Email: Did you mean THAT Bob?

Many of us have done, and those who have not at least sweat a drop or two thinking you may have done it… sent an email to the wrong recipient.

Google has created a way to combat the slip of a misdirected email. The internet power-company’s popular Gmail program now includes an alert to the user that an email may possibly be directed to the wrong recipient.

The software developed in house by Google attempts to identify mistaken addresses before the user hits send. It works by observing groups of frequently sent addresses and will activate when more than two recipients are chosen. The name of the feature is called “Dont forget Bob”. If you choose a group of friends to send the email and that group includes “Bob”, Gmail will suggest “Did you mean Bob Smith (your friend) instead of Bob Jones (your boss)”


This feature could come in handy the next time you send a nasty-gram to your fellow co-workers. You just have to hope Google recognizes your boss.