Embarrass Your Friends | There’s an App for That

Are you one of those people that likes to pull pranks on your friends? Do you like to embarrass them? I haven’t ever had the guts to pull any pranks on anyone yet, but it seems that there is an application for the iPhone that can do that. I have been enjoying my iPhone even more lately, discovering applications that help with my productivity. Plus, some applications that I have downloaded for entertainment, like Gowalla, FourSquares, Dinner Dash, My Paint and other applications let me enjoy and never have a dull moment! When I came across the ISaidWhat? application, I was thinking, “OMG, even a tool to embarrass your friends has been developed!” Now I can say, there really is an app for everything.

Tapparatus created the application. What you need to do is to record the voice of your friend saying something. Then once you have it, you can rearrange the voice (and as the tool suggests, hopefully into something embarrassing). Then, you can share it with your other friends on Twitter and FaceBook.

The tool can also be used productively. You can use it to record interviews, podcasts, lectures, your own voice, music, etc… If you are busy and on the go you can just download everything and then edit and share when you are done! I included the video demo. See if it’s the app for you before you purchase it for $.099.