Every Second Counts: What Happens Online In 30 Seconds [Infographic]

Imagine if you only had 30 seconds left to accomplish something before the world ended. I guess you’d probably get to finish that one last task with very little time. Even though we are living in a fast-paced world full of technology, every second counts. The power of the internet gives us a lot more capabilities to finish certain tasks in shorter amounts of time. Can you imagine the days when information was not free on the web, and communication was limited to phone calls and post mails? Now combine that with your work load today, and imagine how exhausting and time consuming it must have been. People relied on the mailman and paid expensive telephone bills just to communicate with clients. Those were the days with no Google to ask all of life’s questions.

I agree that technology can be expensive and sometimes too high-tech for some people. But we are thankful that we exist in this lifetime, right? Suddenly 30 seconds is a lot of time, especially when it comes to business on the internet. This is an infographic I found on visual.ly which caught my attention today. Learn what happens on the web in 30 seconds, and discover why and how every second counts. You’ll see everything from famous social media sites, search websites, online crimes and other web-related data posted on this infographic, and all that happens in 30 short seconds. I hope you’ll find the facts as interesting and insightful as I did.

It took me an hour to create this post, and based on this infographic, there were a lot of other activities that happened during that period of time. Thinking about that made me feel more excited to share this infographic called What Happens on the Web in 30 Seconds by Smart Touch. I hope after you think about this, you feel the value in each second that goes by, and you make it even more productive. Because believe it or not, every second counts.

Every Second Counts – What Happens On The Web In 30 Seconds

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Via: [visual.ly] Header Image Credit: [Lee Success Consulting]