Everything You Need To Know About Chatbots

If you have your own business, then you need to promote it in the most effective way. Marketing tools are ready to help you! One of them is a chatbot. In this article, you’ll find truly engrossing information about chatbot key moments, their functionality, and their advantages for your own brand.

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What Is A Chatbot?

A chatbot is a computer program, which has its own settings in order to achieve your professional goals. It is a helper, which does a huge amount of work instead of a human worker. This tool will help in communication with the users and give them a hand in frequent questions. They are mostly used in mobile apps. Clients can text with chatbots or talk by voice messages.

What Are Chatbot Benefits For Your Business?

1. They’re 24/7 For You

Chatbots provide all-day support. You can save money on salaries for human workers. That’s a significant step in saving costs for those who don’t work at night, on weekends, or on holidays. So, chatbots are a nice substitute for making human efforts.

2. They Help To Gather The Client’s Feedbacks

Your business profit depends on an analysis of your deeds in general. After them, you can see the real results of your efforts. Talking about effective methods for improvement, we can’t mention chatbots. These tools can understand human behavior, their requests and give quick answers. Chatbots improve the efficacy of your website!

3. They Can Adapt To People From Different Countries

Chatbots are multilingual. It lets your business grow and be more widespread. You can succeed from any place and any location! Moreover, it’s easy to set up chatbots to answer all international clients.

4. They Have The Ability To Communicate In Different Messengers

Adapting to your users, you attract more purchases and the client’s loyalty in general. Clients may choose the most convenient platform to text. As practice shows, people mostly use mobile apps or log in through the desktop.

When they see WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, it gives them a feeling of trust, because users are familiar with them, and it’s comfortable in usage.
So, there are tons of advantages. It’s time to know more about chatbots functionality.

What Can I do With A Chatbot?

Chatbots are used for helping in driving conversations with your users. They’re nice assistance who can solve your problems, requests and even complaints. Look at the list of predicted reasons for the attitude of chatbot usage in different business fields.

As we see, the highest percentage is for the fastest answer on emergent questions of the visitors of the website. The second stage is for solving problems and getting a detailed answer. The third one is for helping to find the human worker for more serious and deep questions.

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After knowing the functionality and benefits of chatbots, we’re ready to know how to create free online chatbots with the help of chatbot builders.

How Do I Build A Chatbot?

There are lots of platforms to try, one of them is 13chats.com. You should create a page first to be able to enter the workplace. After it, you’re ready to create!

Step 1. Choose the best option for you among all the chatbot tariffs, a free one is also here. Look at the following screen.

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IMAGE: 13chats.com

Step 2. Filling in project settings. Create a project, give it a name and connect your chatbot with Facebook Messenger and add it to the floating button. It’ll help the visitors on your website quicker find you.

Step 3. Transform your chatbot. There you should think of an outer look of a chatbot, its position on the page, and time limits.

Step 4. Your chatbot is almost ready! Add the JavaScript code to your website to complete the integration.


The Facebook chatbot should be an essential part of your page, and the evidence is already here. Its readiness to help says itself.  Create your own bot just for several minutes, observer its work, and be surprised! Good luck with your business!

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