Everything You Need To Know About Electronic Signatures

Though the pandemic saw many businesses close for good, a new study by Adobe Acrobat explains the significant increase in online businesses and digital entrepreneurship since 2019. This unprecedented spike in digital business can be attributed to the demands of the pandemic forcing businesses to adapt to virtual marketplaces and workspaces.

This massive digital business transformation is only possible by using new technology to make virtual business efficient. Electronic signatures and digital document management systems are integral for the successful digital transformation of your business.

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What Are E Signatures?

Electronic signatures are used to sign digital documents remotely. E-signatures replace the need for paper contracts and in-person meetings while still offering safety and security in completing the document. E-signatures are totally legal and can be used for digital documents such as contracts, forms, invoices, etc. E-signatures are meant to take the place of a physical ink signature and have been adapted to be used for all sorts of professional and legal documents.

Adobe Acrobat’s business tips for digital entrepreneurs mention, “Having the right technology in your toolbelt can set your business apart from your competitors.” Being a competitive digital business in 2022 requires you to invest in digital business technology such as a document management system with electronic signature capabilities. Adapting these digital tools can improve your day-to-day efficiency and give your team more time to focus on other tasks.

Benefits Of Electronic Signatures

There are many benefits of adopting electronic signatures for business use; here are a few critical benefits of switching to this paperless business tool.

Remote Flexibility

Working remotely is the key to success in 2022 and the future. As more and more business is done online and workers are performing remotely, your company must keep up with the latest in remote workplace technology. Adapting e-signatures will allow your team members, customers, and clients to quickly and easily sign and send official documents remotely. Your company will no longer need in-person meetings just to sign a few contracts, giving you greater access to remote clients and customers you would otherwise be unable to meet in person.

Reduce Costs & Save Time

Electronic signatures are a considerable time and money saver. Send your digital documents to their intended recipient, and the e-signature software, such as Adobe Sign for business, or Jotform Sign, will prompt the user for authentication and their digital signature.

Send your digital documents to their intended recipient, and the e-signature software, such as Adobe Sign for business or Jotform Sign, will prompt the user for authentication and their digital signature.

Reduce Errors

Electronic signature software comes with advanced security and authentication processes that reduce risk and ensure you’re getting the signature from the correct person. You can pre-fill forms and contracts to minimize errors and utilize templates, so you don’t have to create new records each time.

Workflow Tracking

You can streamline certain aspects of your business by utilizing e-signatures and smart documents for contracts and day-to-day business dealings. Automate certain workflow elements by automatically filling out forms, using templates, and auto-sending signed documents to the next person in the workflow. Electronic signature software typically includes a dashboard that will help organize and track all your documents, so you always know where your work stands. Manage your projects and contracts with easy-to-use e-signature software.

As you start operating your business remotely, be sure to utilize electronic signatures for your company so you can streamline workflows and get documents completed accurately. Efficiency is critical for remote teams; launch your digital startup today using e-signatures.

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