Scary Facts About Smartphone Addiction & Usage

Nowadays, it is not surprising to find a couple of friends seated together yet detached from each other. This is because they are busy with what’s happening on their smartphones and tablets. Sadly, this is the impact of smartphone addiction.

So how did we get here? How severe is the addiction? And what are the cell phone usage statistics relating to addiction?

Well, let us walk you through the key cell phone addiction facts in a new report.

What Is Smartphone Addiction?

Also referred to as Nomophobia, smartphone addiction is a condition where users overuse the internet and applications such as games. In essence, users cannot partake in other activities without flicking through their phones.

The worst part is that most users are in denial that they are phone addicts. According to the phone addiction study by BankMyCell, the average user opens their phone at least 47 times in a day. Moreover, 85% of them will use their phones in social places, that is, around their family and friends.

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Making Sense Out Of The Numbers.

Let’s go through the smartphone usage numbers, shall we? – According to the phone addiction study by BankMyCell, an average of 171 minutes (2hrs 51 minutes) was spent on smartphones per day. When added to tablet usage, the average time totaled 261 minutes or 4hrs and 33 minutes in a day.

When it comes to users, it was found out that 22% of the young population, between 18-29 years, checks their phones every few minutes. The study also shows that 51% peep their phones a couple of times hourly.

With the increasing popularity of social media, it was noted that an average user spends one hour and 16mins daily on the top five social media platforms. This was then calculated into the number of taps that reflected 2,617 taps every day.

Subsequently, this addiction was also prominent in other places such as learning institutions. According to the study, 67% of the teachers attested that students were negatively distracted by their phones. As a result, more students were reported to be emotionally distressed.

True to this, 27% of 8th graders, chronic social media users, are at high risk of depression.

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Phone Addiction Facts Among Teenagers

When it comes to the teenagers, there is a worrying trend. An estimated 71% of teens, spending more than five hours on their mobiles, are at risk of committing suicide.

For lack of better words, this data is horrifying for parents. That’s why the parents were also put on the spotlight. BankMyCell established that 47% of the surveyed thought that their kids were phone addicts. Surprisingly, 89% of the parents blamed themselves for not acting to curb the cell phone addiction.

All these cell phone addiction facts draw a picture of a problem that’s slowly troubling more phone users.

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Negative Impacts Of Phone Addiction

Does smartphone addiction affect users in any way? Yes, it does. Research indicates that phone addicts experience physical, psychological, and social effects. This includes…

Depression And Anxiety

The very state of waiting for updates and feedback are harmful to users’ well-being. In many cases, being lonely and glued to a smartphone can contribute and lead to depression.

Stress And Insomnia

Being always on the lookout for texts, emails and notification about work is stressful. Additionally, users tend to have insufficient sleep due to the addiction.

Effects Your Posture

As you scroll down your phone it’s likely that you have assumed a bent position. The habit of bending your upper body may lead to back problems.

Effects The Eyesight

Overexposure to the phone screen damages the retina of the eye.

Breaks Social Ties

Smartphone addiction has been attributed to breaking many relationships including marriages and friendships.

Mitigating Measures To This Menace

Since we acknowledge that phone addiction is a societal problem, how do we solve it?

The Phone Addiction Solution For Kids And Teenagers

Smartphone companies such as Apple and Android have introduced phone monitoring applications for kids. The Digital Health and Android app tracker help parents detect the time spent and nature of use.

Apart from the mobile apps, parents are advised to set rules on mobile usage. This will inculcate discipline and encourage the social growth of the kids. Nonetheless, parents must lead by example and minimize mobile use around the house.

Solution To Cell Phone Addiction For Adults

Here are some of the viable solutions for grown-ups.

  1. Switch off your phone at night. This will give you ample time to relax, bond with family members and sleep well.
  2. Keeping your phone a few feet away when alone.
  3. 30-minute rule. After waking up in the morning dedicate the first thirty minutes to yourself. Start by stretching your body and then prepare yourself for the day.
  4. Eliminate excess apps from your smartphone.
  5. Have a no-phone zone. Be it in the shower or bedroom; restrict yourself from using your phone in these areas.

It’s beyond reasonable doubt that smartphone addiction is a humongous problem. The only way out is to have a roundtable discussion and address the issue before it gets out of hand.

If you are interested in even more technology-related articles and information from us here at Bit Rebels then we have a lot to choose from. – Source: BankMyCell

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