Fashion or green? Concept phones

Designing for our future lives can get pretty creative and strange (at times). While some focus on using recyclable materials, power-saving energy and ergonomic use, others focus on the slim and sleek sexiness of design, and the next ‘cool’. I’ve collected some fantastic concept pieces, here are a handful of the ‘whats’ and ‘cools’.

What:  NEC Tag is a flexible phone concept that can be hung from a belt or wrapped around the user’s arm.

Cool: Has shape-memorizing material and sensors that allows the phone to change its shape according to the mode.


What: TripleWatch has an interesting triple flip technique that allows the user to transform the watch into a normal cellphone.

Cool: When used as a wrist watch, the phone has a speaker button that allows the user to answer the phone and hang up while driving.


What : Siemens Snaked. It wraps around your arm like a bracelet. Designed for the sporty woman. Really?

Cool: It looks cool, but has very basic functions.

Sexy BenQ Siemens Concept Phone 3

What: The Leaf is a wearable bracelet phone that incorporates solar cells on its front panel.

Cool: Its solar.


What: Nokia 888 concept is ultra thin, lightweight, and flexible cellphone that is powered by liquid battery.

Cool: The phone also features an unusual “flexible” touchscreen display.