Features You Can Add To Student ID Card Systems

It may not be long until schools open up again. Once they start operating, students will need to use ID cards for exam identification, access to borrowing books, and more. The primary ID cards may have enough information for student identification. However, thanks to constant updates in technology, there are scopes to make ID cards more functional. Here are some features schools can add ID cards to.

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Payment Method

With the array of payment options available – from credit cards to tap and PayPal, juggling between all the methods might be tricky. When in school, students already have a lot on their plate. The hassle of figuring out how to pay for their food might become a burden. Using ID card systems that can incorporate a payment method into a student ID card can be beneficial.

Some schools may have different objectives. Finding a system that fits the criteria of the school and its ID requirements is essential. An ID card for middle school may be different from that of a university ID. At times like these, you need to be aware of the various options at hand to secure the perfect card system.

Access Based On Department

Students may require access to specific protected areas for their work. Someone studying in a Science program may need entry to a lab, or a student specializing in Culinary may need to visit the kitchen more often. Creating specialized ID cards and providing each student with access to the tools they may need will save time and the hassle of contacting the appropriate departments and asking for entrance. If students can swipe their cards and enter the rooms they are permitted to, things become a lot simpler.

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID)

So many devices in the world have transformed into a smart version, such as a smartwatch and smartphone. Why should ID cards be any different?

Smart cards like RFID cards use radio frequency to transfer digital data. The data transmit securely from a distance, and the reader captures it through radio waves. Students can tap their cards onto a reader and will be logged in quickly. Readers can be installed on university premises, busses, and more, making it easier to track students. It also adds an extra layer of safety as it would be easier to identify where the students were lost seen if they were ever lost.

Event Access

Providing access to school events and eliminating the need to carry tickets can be an efficient step. Once a student purchases/receives a ticket for an event, instead of asking them to show their print/mobile ticket, the process saves a little time if the record is stored on their ID.

It can be overwhelming to line up somewhere and scramble through your purse or phone to find a ticket. Sometimes, time constraints can cause anxiety and make people uncomfortable, especially if they have underlying issues. Students can show their cards to the authority and swipe/tap it if the access is within the card.

With the power that technology brings every day, there is always a lot to discover and embrace. Creating and updating ID cards has never been simpler.

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